Breakfast program

Mary Duncan doors open at 8:30 and all students are invited to join us for breakfast.  We are able to provide a nutritious breakfast program through a grant we obtained from the Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba.  The breakfast program runs from 8:30 to 8:50 daily and there is no charge.


Mary Duncan has a canteen where students may purchase snack and food items during the morning break and from 12:30 through 1:20 during the lunch hour.  Prices and available items are listed on the whiteboard by the canteen. 


Students are welcome to stay at Mary Duncan for the lunch hour; all we ask is that students are respectful and mindful of others and the lounge space.  We have a pool table in the lounge area for student use and we have space for students to play board games, use their electronic devices, sit and visit or participate in intramural activities that may be available.  Waste paper and recycling bins are available for students to help keep the area clean.

physical education

Mary Duncan School offers two formats for students to meet their Manitoba High School PE requirements.  Students may participate in regular gym classes.  Changing for gym is not required but if you want to change, there are change rooms provided.  A clean pair of running shoes is required.


For those students who are not comfortable participating in a formal PE class there is the option of completing the requirement independently.  If you are interested in this format, please see the principal.


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