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For Your Information


The best way to succeed in school is to be in school and in class.  Staff at Mary Duncan make this a priority as we want everyone to do well.  Once attendance for a class is reported attendance calls for absent students will be made to your home as soon as possible.  It is our goal to work with students and parents to have students in school and to keep students on track.  If your child is going to be absent please let us know as soon as possible so that we can enter the absence accordingly.  There is voice mail and email so that you are able to notify the school at any time outside of regular school hours.  If you are late getting to school or class you must check in at the office to avoid us calling home.


There is a telephone available in the main office.  Students may use this phone for emergency types of calls.  Parents are welcome to call the school to speak to their child.  We will be happy to call them to the office for you.  Please avoid texting your student as it may interfere with what they are doing in class.


We invite parent/guardian and families to feel welcome in our school and encourage families to join us and participate in the activities that we hold that include families.  We do ask that all visitors check in at the main office so that we can help you and prevent disruptions to classes for those dropping off items for students. 


Each teacher at Mary Duncan has their own classroom expectations and students are asked to respect and abide by the classroom teacher’s rules.  Kelsey School Division Policy clearly outlines the consequences of misuse of electronic communication devices.  Students are expected to adhere to the policy.  If a student repeatedly does not follow the expectations, the teacher/principal may request the device be turned over to them until the end of the school day and the privilege of having the device in school may be removed.

Mary Duncan School assumes no responsibility in any circumstances for the loss, destruction or theft of any communication device brought to school or any school related activity by a student.

Dress Code

We are a school that respects a student’s right to individuality as long as it does not infringe on another’s rights.  School is a more formal setting than home and students are asked to dress in a manner that reflects respect for others as well as themselves. 

Clothing expressing gang affiliation, profanity, depicting or encouraging violence, cruelty or racism, having derogatory or degrading comments on them or promoting illegal drugs or alcohol does not meet our school values of respect.  Students will be asked to go home and change and may return after they have changed.

For student and public safety, students must wear shoes at all times.

Bus Regulation/Passes

Riding the school bus is a privilege.  All normal school rules apply when riding and students are expected to follow the direction of the driver.  Improper behaviour on the bus will be dealt with through the Bus Code of Conduct and may result in suspension of future bus riding privileges.

The Bus Code of Conduct provides consequences for minor bus misconduct which are progressive in nature and major misconduct which results automatically in suspension from the bus.  The major bus infractions are fighting, threatening/assaulting the driver, smoking/chewing tobacco, lighting matches or lighters, swearing at the driver, serious disrespect or defiance, drug or alcohol abuse, vandalism or endangering the safety of others.

Bus passes are distributed by the Office.  A pass allows a student to ride on a particular bus he or she does not normally ride.  A situation where a student is being looked after by someone else for an evening or weekend is an acceptable reason for requiring a bus pass.

KSD Extreme Weather Policy

Closing of all schools in the Division

This would usually occur because of very severe weather conditions. The decision to close will be made by the Division Office Administration who will also set into motion any required action such as notifying local radio stations and the transportation supervisor, etc. In all cases of school closings, all members of the Board of Trustees will be notified at the earliest possible time of the action taken.

Cancellation of Busses Only

Kelsey School Division buses will not run at temperatures in excess of -45° Celsius. As defined by Environment Canada (The Pas Airport).The decision as to whether to operate the buses for the whole day will be made at 6:00 am.

Parental Discretion

With a wind chill in excess of -45° Celsius, as defined by Environment Canada (The Pas Airport), parents will be advised via media that attendance will be at their discretion and the students will not be penalized.

Accident Insurance

Through the Kelsey School Division Board of Trustees Universal Student Accident Insurance coverage has been purchased for all students within the division. This insurance provides coverage for all students while at school, while involved in school activities away from the school premises, while travelling to or from school, and while travelling to or from a school activity.  This insurance does not replace the voluntary student accident insurance and in excess of benefits provided by Manitoba Health and excess of any benefits to the student under any group benefits program.  Order forms for more extensive coverage are available at the MD office. Claim forms are available on request.  Coverage includes Ambulance Service.

Student Conduct

As per Section 40(1) of The Education Administration Act which reads in part: “The principal has disciplinary authority over all pupils of his or her school in their conduct towards one another on their way to and from school”. Students are reminded that they are responsible to the school for their behaviour throughout the day even when they are off school property.  This includes before and after school as well as noon hour.

Use of and/or possession of alcohol, illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia, smoking and the possession of smoking paraphernalia are strictly prohibited in Mary Duncan School.  Individuals believed to be under the influence of any of these substances will be dealt with on an individual basis.

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