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Student Services

Philosophy of Inclusion


An inclusive school is a respectful and safe place for all members of the school community.


Manitoba Education is committed to fostering inclusion for all people. Inclusion is a way of thinking and acting that allows every individual to feel accepted, valued and safe.  An inclusive community consciously evolves to meet the changing needs of its members.  Through recognition and support, an inclusive community provides meaningful involvement and equal access to the benefits of citizenship.  In Manitoba, we embrace inclusion as a means of enhancing the well-being of every member of the community.  By working together, we strengthen our capacity to provide the foundation for a richer future for all of us.

Kelsey School Division works collaboratively with government and non-government agencies to provide a range of supports and services for students.  It is not unusual for health or law enforcement authorities and community agencies to work in partnership with schools and school divisions.  For students who have exceptional learning needs, it is often essential that there are inter-agency or co-ordinated plans that involve many interested parties.  We participate in collaborative processes for students who:

  • Have exceptional learning needs

  • Are in care of child welfare

  • Have special health care needs

  • Are involved in youth justice issues

  • Have profound emotional and behavioral difficulties


  1. We aim to make reasonable efforts to plan with community agencies, organizations and associations, other education authorities, and regional health and children’s service authorities to support appropriate educational programming for students.

  2. Provide staff with direction on informed consent for information sharing from parents.

Provincial Links


  • Working Together: A Handbook for Parents of Children with Special Needs in School


  • Identification and Assessment


  • Planning and Programming



General Inquiries:

Inclusion Support Branch

Manitoba Education

Tel. 204.945.7907

Toll Free 1.800.282.8069, ext. 7907


Student Services


Student services are staff and services provided within Kelsey School Division to meet the needs of students with exceptional needs, including learning, cognitive/intellectual, communication, social/emotional, behavioural, sensory, physical, or special health-care needs.


Personnel with specialized training and experience who provide services to students include:


  • School Resource Teachers (Christine Bell)

  • Guidance Counselors (Annie Haukaas)

  • Speech and Language Pathologist

  • Division Social Worker

  • Educational Assistants (Josi Constant, Janet Fortune, Emily Loewen, Andi Seymour)

  • Settlement Worker in Schools (SWIS) for Immigrant student

  • School Psychologist



Unified Referral Information Service (URIS) are for students that have severe medical conditions. Staff training for general emergency procedures such as anaphylaxis occurs annually through coordination with Regional Health professionals. Information and response plans for students with severe allergic reactions and extensive medical conditions will be found at the school level. These plans must be reviewed/updated annually.

School Referral Process


1. The classroom teacher identifies that a student has significant difficulties. Administration and parents should be aware of the child’s difficulty.

2. The teacher refers to the resource teacher (in-school referral).

3. Resource teacher assesses, recommends, and helps teacher develop program changes. Updates provided to parents.

4. If results of intervention at the school level are inadequate - the school decides more input is necessary.

5. The student is referred to the Student Support Team which consists of School Administrator, Clinicians as necessary (Psychologist, Speech and Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist), Resource Teacher and Guidance Counsellor). 

6. If the Student Support Team believes a formal referral may be required, then appropriate paperwork is filled in and signed by parents before the assessment by the appropriate clinician can begin.

7. Referrals are reviewed and prioritized by Student Support Services at the Division Office.

Children’s Therapy Initiative


The Children’s Therapy Initiative is a joint initiative of the provincial government partners of Education, Citizenship and Youth, Family Services and Housing, Health/Healthy Living, and Healthy Child Manitoba. The goal of the Children’s Therapy Initiative is to provide co-coordinated, regionally based services that allow children to reach their full potential. Students are referred for assessments and/or specialized programming through the School Resource Teacher. Referrals are coordinated through the Superintendent of Schools/ Student Support Services Coordinator at the

Division Office.


Additional Supports


We are also able to access the supports of an occupational therapist and physiotherapist through referrals to The Children’s Therapy Initiative. Our team will work with families to locate regional services to assist with needs.

Contact Us


If you would like to know more about support services at the school, please contact:


Marcia Novo


(204) 623-1420

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